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Nick Thomas-Symonds appointed Shadow Minister for Employment


Torfaen Constituency Labour Party is very pleased to announce that Torfaen MP, Nick Thomas-Symonds, has been appointed as Shadow Minister for Employment.

This follows on from an excellent period of time spent as Shadow Minister for Pensions and goes to prove why Nick was recently named as “Member to Watch” in the Welsh Political Awards 2015.

Responding to news of his appointment, Nick gave the following statement:

“I am very grateful for the faith that has been shown in me. I intend to get straight down to work with Jeremy Corbyn, my Shadow Secretary of State Owen Smith and the rest of the team, highlighting the awful employment track record of this Tory Government. Working people in Britain have had to put up with the worst decade of pay growth in nearly a century. Meanwhile, the Government’s cuts to the work allowance of Universal Credit will leave 2.6 million working families an average of £1600 per year worse off by 2020. Child poverty, which halved under Labour, is now soaring thanks to their decisions and the employment prospects of our young people is not being championed as it should be.

The Tories may be content to write off the chances of another generation, but I am not. We also need to review how we can better support the self-employed people who contribute so much to our economy, because at the moment they are excluded from the social security system. As a party, we need to recast the whole debate about the security net we provide as a state, in order to provide hope of a fairer future, and it will be a privilege to be a part of that task.”

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith said: “Nick has impressed me immensely since his election, both with his forensic eye for detail and his sound Labour values. I know he’ll bring both of those qualities to bear in his new role, and I look forward to working with him to take the fight to the Government, hold them to account and show people that there is a better alternative.”

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