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Torfaen MP pledges support for next generation of scientists

Nick-Thomas-Symonds-powder-flame-mn1z5hht9x2aav3698fhtlh4uptjlccosslpa6yfbcYesterday in Parliament Nick Thomas-Symonds pledged his support for the next generation of young scientists at an event hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry, which was celebrating its 175th anniversary.  As part of that celebration, the Royal Society was highlighting the importance of primary school science teaching, which has an impact on a child’s long term attainment, aspiration and interest in the subject. Evidence shows that children start to develop perceptions about whether science is ‘for them’ towards the end of primary school.

Mr Thomas-Symonds said:

‘We have a great, inspirational history of scientific innovation in Torfaen. It was in Blaenavon that Sidney Gilchrist Thomas and Percy Gilchrist discovered the method of eliminating phosphorus from the Bessemer converter that transformed steel production around the world. I congratulate the Royal Society of Chemistry on a fine 175 years and wish the society well in its goal of encouraging the young scientists of the twenty-first century.’


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