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Torfaen MP speaks out on gynaecological cancer


Nick Thomas-Symonds MP has pledged his support to The Eve Appeal after being moved by the experiences of former parliamentary candidate Sarah Smith, an ovarian cancer sufferer. The Torfaen MP attended a House of Commons tea party yesterday organised by the women’s cancer charity to mark the start of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and heard Sarah speak about her experience of being diagnosed with the disease.

Sarah Smith said, “Women- and their GPs- too easily brush of the symptoms: bloating, digestive changes and fatigue as ‘normal for women’ or simply as signs of getting older. Women like me are dying of a horrible disease because we did not take little signs seriously- or our GPs didn’t. It’s a tragic waste of human and financial resources and you can help stop it.”

Every day in the UK 55 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer and 21 of these women will die. In 2013 there were 413 new cases of ovarian cancer in Wales alone.

The Eve Appeal is currently the only national gynaecological cancer research charity in the UK. Despite the fact that 40% of women diagnosed with this form of cancer will not survive, gynaecological cancer is not a well-funded cause. The Eve Appeal works closely with the Department of Women’s Cancer at University College London with the aim of significantly reducing the current 40% mortality rate from gynaecological cancers. Their core research unit has already achieved major breakthroughs towards improving survival rates of women with gynaecological cancers through pioneering research into screening, early diagnosis and risk prediction.

Awareness of gynaecological cancers is very low and recent research has shown that many women do not even know there are five different types of cancer within this category. People are often too embarrassed to discuss gynaecological cancers or the symptoms and The Eve Appeal believes that helping to raise awareness can change this and save women’s lives.

Mr Thomas-Symonds said, “Sarah Smith’s bravery is inspiring and her story humanises the statistics. The Eve Appeal’s Make Time for Tea is an excellent way of raising awareness of a terrible disease that affects so many women each year. I hope my constituents in Torfaen will get involved in the campaign and do their bit to highlight the issue. Early diagnosis makes such a difference to people’s chance of survival so if we can ensure that people know the symptoms then we can save lives. ”

People can apply for a free Make Time for Tea fundraising pack by visiting or calling 020 7605 0100.

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