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100 Days to Go – Find out how you can help keep Wales in the EU‏


Derek Vaughan, MEP for Wales

Today marks the point at which we will have only 100 days left in which to save Welsh jobs, investment in Wales and Britain’s place in the world.  Therefore, this newsletter is dedicated to what you can do to help Britain Remain IN the EU in the upcoming referendum vote.
While the upcoming Assembly elections will be very important to people in Wales, the stakes of the EU referendum could not be higher. Therefore we cannot afford to just sit tight until after the Assembly election. Our leader, Carwyn Jones, and others have expressed their frustration that the referendum is so close to the Assembly election and I share these concerns. However, we’ve been given what we’ve got and we must deal with it. While we know it is going to be hard, tiring and a really tough slog, as members and supporters of Welsh Labour we will need to rise to this challenge. Nothing less than the future of our country is at stake.

It’s not just the £838 million net gain that Wales makes every year from the European Union, it’s not just the 191,332 jobs that could be lost if we left the Single Market, it’s about what kind of country we are and whom we aspire to be. Whether we want to play a role in making the world a better place, or whether we want to pretend it’s still the 1950s.

If you want to have a part in this fight, below is how you can help.

First, and foremost, you need to make sure that your local Constituency Labour Party has nominated either a contact or an Officer for the Referendum campaign, and that this information has been passed on to Welsh Labour. We will need a network of hard working and dedicated local activists if we are to succeed, both to co-ordinate our activities and to make sure that we can build momentum in each constituency. Many CLPs have already done so, and we look forward to working with members in each and every constituency in Wales in this campaign.

I have been really bolstered by the enthusiasm shown by many in Wales for this referendum campaign. Many have asked about access to campaigning resources for CLPs; we have a great array of information packs and resources available.

Firstly, on my website here you can find various packs that provide information on Wales’ relationship with the EU, TTIP, the EU and workers’ rights and much, much more. There is also an Information One Stop Shop in my office at UNITE House in Cardiff. There are also leaflets available on the central campaign shop; these are £35 for 1000 leaflets, and have around a 5 day turn around on production and delivery. You can find these here.

The main central websites for the Labour IN Campaign are the Labour IN website and the Labour Movement for Europe website.

There are also various sectional campaigns for Europe including:

Environmentalists for Europe
Scientists for EU
Universities for Europe
Students for Europe

If these organisations are relevant to you I would urge you to sign up to them, we need to be a driving force behind these organisations.

There is also a specific organisation for Councillors who support the EU.

My Colleague Richard Corbett has also developed an app that provides information about Britain and the EU at a stroke, both Apple and Android compatible downloads can be found on his website.

Lord Peter Hain, the leader of the Welsh Labour IN Campaign, and I, are looking forward to working with all of you in the coming campaign; we also have a core team of campaigners who are willing to speak at CLP and other meetings.

Together we can keep Wales and the UK IN Europe, and expand investment along with job opportunities IN Wales.

We have 100 days to go.

Best Wishes

derek vaughan signature

Derek Vaughan
Member of the European Parliament
(Labour, Wales)


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