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Torfaen MP speaks out on Meningitis Petition

NICK-MENINGITIS-mq1r0js2zhp1il9jzjr9a2wq1x7lteo7o66uplci6gNick Thomas-Symonds has urged the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation to take into account ‘peace of mind’ for parents when evaluating the proposed changes to the meningitis B vaccine at a Westminster Hall debate yesterday. The Torfaen MP also called for a ‘sense of urgency’ in reviewing these changes.

The debate was called in response to an online petition calling on the Government to make provision of meningitis B vaccination to all children, at least up to the age of 11. The petition has been signed by more than 800,000 people and is the ‘most-signed online petition in parliamentary history’. It was boosted following a campaign by the family of two year old Faye Burdett who died on Valentine’s Day this year after an 11 day battle with the disease.

Around 1,200 people- mainly babies- get meningitis B each year in the UK and around one in 10 die from the infection. In Wales alone, around 44 people a year contract the disease.

Over 12% of meningitis cases are in the 14-24 age group. Teens and young people are the second most at risk group after babies. Research conducted by Meningitis Now shows that four of 10 people aged 18-24 cannot name any symptoms, despite 90% hearing of meningitis and 25% knowing someone who had it. From August, the vaccine will be offered to all students under 25 who are attending university for the first time this autumn.

Mr Thomas-Symonds said, ‘Meningitis is a terrible disease and it is critical that we are doing the right thing to keep our children safe, which is why I urge the JCVI to act. I applaud the tireless work of Meningitis Now, both in this particular campaign and more generally. Earlier in the year I signed a pledge to become a ‘Future Builder’ for the charity and will continue to raise awareness about the dangers of meningitis’.


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