Torfaen Constituency Labour Party

Promoted by Mark Ward-Jones on behalf of the Torfaen Constituency Labour Party at 27 Brunel Road, Fairwater, Cwmbran, Torfaen NP44 4QT.

Women’s Forum AGM


On Saturday the 11th June, Torfaen Labour Women’s Forum met for our AGM, where we nominated and unanimously voted for our Officers. The result:

Chair/Treasurer –Kelly Preston
Secretary – Caroline Powell
Communications and Events Officers – Lauren Kinsey and Mandy Owen
Political Policy and Education Officer – Keri Smith

A range of issues were discussed, commencing with a discussion on various ways of gaining new members in the Women’s Forum. We hope to liaise with other Labour and Women’s groups such as Welsh Labour’s Women’s Network to promote open events and to achieve this goal.

A dominant issue discussed during the meeting, which reflects its dominance in the political sphere and throughout the media, was the EU Referendum. We deliberated the effects that leaving the EU would have on women specifically, as well as the constituents in the areas of which the Councillors present at the AGM represented. With just days to go until Britain will vote in the most important ballot in a generation, it would come as no surprise that we dedicated much of our meeting considering the most effective ways to persuade those floating voters during this crucial run up to the referendum. The Women’s Forum campaigning efforts will not relinquish until that day is reached.

To conclude our meeting, we spoke about the challenges women face in standing for the 2017 Local Elections and we will take action in order for the Forum’s members to have greater access to information, enabling them to stand as candidates. Several of our members expressed their interest for standing again, or for the first time, and we all wish each other luck in their endeavours.

We are very much looking forward to our next meeting with a guest speaker and a debate on Trident and nuclear policies.



One comment on “Women’s Forum AGM

  1. Keri Smith
    June 19, 2016

    This is a really productive group. Any Labour women in Torfaen ought to join us… we’re all friendly 🙂


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