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WLGA Statement On The EU Referendum & Brexit

bob bigpicCllr Bob Wellington CBE, Leader of the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and Leader of Torfaen County Borough Council today issued the following statement on behalf of the WLGA:




The WLGA held its Annual General Meeting in Cardiff today and its Leader Bob Wellington CBE reaffirmed our position that the UK needs to take a considered and planned approach to withdrawing from the EU. Councils have used EU funding in particular to benefit communities throughout Wales in terms of infrastructure, skills and training. It is vital that we maximise the full allocation of the current programme, particularly across our eligible regional partnerships. It is also important that we argue to maintain the best elements of EU law and regulations which are used by councils to protect health and safety, cut back on air pollution and regulate business.The economic and political instability of the current period is unsettling, but local public service delivery remains constant.

WLGA contends that whoever is to be the next prime minister they must give public spending assurances before triggering Article 50 to commence the two-year Brexit process and avoid a deeply damaging emergency budget.

There is community dissatisfaction which emerged in the EU referendum campaign was a result of deep public spending cuts and the feeling that services are been downgraded or withdrawn. This is leading to alienation with the political process and politicians in general.

More public sector cuts in an emergency budget would cause huge problems in local government and greater tensions within our communities. People are growing tired of austerity and need assurances that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, there is concern amongst Members of the WLGA that the leadership challenges inside both the Labour and Conservative Parliamentary Groups in Westminster add to the climate of uncertainty, that there is hope that these matters will be quickly resolved and that governance across the UK can be stabilised as soon as possible so that the negative impacts of the Referendum result can be offset and we can move on


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