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Reaction from Torfaen MP Nick Thomas-Symonds to the UK Government’s Autumn Statement

Nick-Thomas-Symonds-MP-Outside-Houses-of-Parliament-memn7snnxikym2gsgg733z59tavjwrdfsvttr0h1xk“This Autumn Statement shows a Government whose economic policies are failing, even on their own terms. The Government’s cuts are hurting people in places like Torfaen, but their decision to drop their ill-advised 2020 surplus target shows that while their economic medicine is hurting, it just isn’t working. In fact, debt is going up, not down, despite the Government’s cuts damaging public services and plunging people into poverty.

“People in Torfaen need a Government that invests in our economy to provide jobs and protect our public services. The Autumn Statement fiddled round the edges of cuts and half measures, rather than the genuine change we need if we’re to be ambitious for our country. The Government’s Autumn Statement fails to meet Labour’s three tests: We need a credible fiscal framework that ends austerity and supports investment. We need actual support for those in work on low and middle incomes. We need secure and properly funded public services. Whether you’re ‘just about managing’ or one of the concerning number of families not managing at all, having to rely on foodbanks as child poverty spirals, it’s clear that the Government doesn’t care about people here in Torfaen


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